About Hemp Oil

Hemp oil using the Rick Simpson method is an extremely powerful healing agent. The Rick Simpson method is a way to extract all the cannabinoids from the plant into an oil. At Green Ambrosia, we partner with Pure Cure to provide patients a food-grade quality medicine created in a sterile laboratory. The result is an oil that patients have used to provide relief and healing from cancer, arthritis, psoriasis, and many other lifelong diseases and ailments.

Whenever taking hemp oil, be very careful on the dosage.  While it is non-addictive, it is a concentrated medicine that is very strong.  You should not be operating heavy machinery after taking this oil.

Methods of using Hemp Oil

  1. Smoke or Vaporize.  Hemp oil can be added on top of dry bud and smoked using a flame.  For the more adventurous patients, using a glass nail and a Creme Brulee torch is a very effective way of vaporizing the oil.  For patients using a Volcano, there is an oil pad that it can be dabbed on to.
  2. Take Orally.  Put a dot onto your finger and put your finger in your mouth.  This is useful for arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, pain relief, anxiety, and invoking your bodies own defenses by producing more melatonin.
  3. Apply topically.  Rub onto burns, lesions, warts, moles, rashes, skin allergies, and any other skin condition

Measuring the dosage

Pure Cure Hemp Oil is packaged into syringes so that it can easily be applied using any method of application.  A strong dose is the size of a grain of rice.  The human body will build a tolerance of the oil, allowing patients to take a higher quantity.  During testing, Rick Simpson found that the higher the dose, the more healing powers it seemed to activate.

More reading material about hemp oil

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